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What We Offer!

Whether you are an experienced lifter or just a beginner, we welcome anyone and everyone to try us out. Open 24/7, which allows you to come and work on your health at anytime of the day! Here is what we offer:

  • Equipped with machines and free weights mainly from Rogue Fitness and Arsenal Strength! And we also provide boxing equipment!

  • Infrared Saunas that are great for sweating, muscle recovery, and many other benefits!

  • We sell meal preps to help with your dieting, as well as selling protein and energy drinks!

  • We offer unlimited FREE group classes to all our members!($10 for non-members)

  • Cardio equipment(climb mills, treadmills, Assault Runner, Rogue Echo Bike, skier, and rower!

  • Great place to train for anyone who is a powerlifter, olympic lifter, cross-fitter, or anyone involved in sports!

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